03 May 2011

Community Support for CF

As I count down the days until we are admitted to the Feeding Clinic, I am also counting down the days until our CF Walk.  I am full-force Great Strides-focused until the day we check in.  At that point, I'll have to release anything that I'm doing and allow it to land where it does.  Thankfully, we have an amazing team of awesome people who continue to work tirelessly to make this day special.

One of the things I am very proud of, however, is the amount of community support that we've seen this year.  This is evidenced by our beautiful ad that ran in the newspaper yesterday (newspaper space was given free by the local paper)...

I have spoken with each one of these sponsors and have been able to tell them Bennett's story.  I have had the satisfaction of hearing "yes, I will help you" which has been incredibly uplifting as we have dealt with so many difficult challenges over the last year and a half.

What does it mean to have community sponsorship?  It doesn't just mean they will give food, money or flyers.  It means they want to put their name and logo on your goal.  They want to be a part of helping your child from suffering.

Two particularly thoughtful businesses participated this year in sponsorship of Bennett.  Bennett's speech therapy group, CareOptions4Kids and our favorite local frozen yogurt shop, 3Spoons.  These two businesses chose to give money in honor of Bennett, which is incredibly touching.

Moments like these are when I want to run up and hug the local Sonic manager or weep with the local Chik-fil-a advertising director...moments when I'm forced to ask random strangers to support our cause are the moments when I have felt most a part of our community in Waco.

Community is defined as, "a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage."  I believe community is also when you have a common goal.  Thank you, Waco sponsors, for coming alongside our goal to see Bennett (as well as all those with CF) breathe.

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