13 May 2011

After these messages...

:::EDIT: Here's the link for those who wanted to see: :::
What does one do when they receive a call from a TV station asking if they would like to be interviewed the next morning at 6AM...

...when they are in the midst of moving their family to Dallas in less than a week?

Yes, of course.

This morning, I'm out the door to participate in an early morning interview about our Great Strides CF Walk! 

I found my best "for TV" broadcaster jacket.  I longed to wear my old TV broadcaster makeup so I put my makeup on really thick.  I made sure to wear flip flops since I know that nobody sees your feet when you're on TV news.

It is fun to pretend to be a reporter again.  But I'm thankful this isn't my full time job.
I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. SO awesome! You are made for the news, Breck :) I love that you can see your boot, too :) Thinking about you all this weekend. XOXO

  2. You rocked, boot and all! I love how the Lord is using your skills as a communicator to help Bennett =) Maybe someday you'll be a national spokesperson!


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