21 April 2011

Teaching The Boys About Easter

Brian and I love Easter traditions, as much, if not more than, Christmas traditions.  But since traditions take time to implement, we're trying to introduce only a new tradition each year.  Last year, we dyed eggs for the first time (something easy to do with a 2 year old).  This year, we have introduced the telling of the Easter story.

We expect, as the boys get bigger, to tell the story in new ways.  The older they get, the more developmental appropriate we can share about the faith the boys were baptized into and the story of Christ's resurrection.  Even though this year seems a bit early for Oliver, we aren't worried.  Traditions are rituals experienced regularly to communicate something over time.  We hope that as the children get older, they will more fully grasp the significance of what we are doing. 

 This year, we bought Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter story.  We also found a really great Toddler book that teaches about the Passion story and can be used in conjunction with the Resurrection Eggs.

 What we love about Rescurrection Eggs is they have been designed with tiny trinkets inside so that the boys can open them while we tell them the story.  Oliver has been delighted to participate.  I love that the eggs blend the Easter story with our other tradition of Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny.  I don't want to confuse him - one is important and the other is just for fun.  But it's nice to allow him to connect these Easter traditions ultimately with the real meaning of Easter.

Resurrection Eggs come with a booklet which can be used when opening the eggs.  They tell a story (probably most appropriate for school-aged children) and offer the appropriate Bible verse.  We read the story outloud as a family, even though we knew Oliver didn't understand. 

 Inside the first egg, for example, is a tiny donkey.  Each time Oliver goes through these eggs (usually daily), we ask him for the significance of the donkey.  He says, "because Jesus rode him." 

Each egg has a trinket.  This year, we opened one egg per day in order to count down to Easter.

These eggs have coins (money given in betrayal of Jesus) and a cup (the Lord's supper).  Oliver really loves that cup.  We all pretend to drink of it, as though we were his disciples.

The book I found that I love for Bennett and Oliver's age is called, "My Very First Easter."  It's very sweet and very simple how it shares the story.

This pink egg has a small stone in it.  This is to tell the story about the stone that was placed in front of the tomb to protect Jesus' body.  This book does not go exactly with the eggs as they were not meant to be together.  But it seems Oliver does best with both a tactile trinket from an egg as well as a story to be read to him.

One caveat about the Resurrection Eggs: Although the book is made for toddlers, the Eggs are not.  So, we had to be a bit careful when we opened one egg to find a tiny whip, which told the story about how Christ suffered.  And I didn't exactly explain fully about the crown of thorns.  And we just discussed what a shape a cross was, rather than the nails it was made out of.  Again, age appropriate learning is important.  We'll get to those items in the next few years.  For now, the important part for toddlers to understand is Jesus was a good man who came to do something special for us.  And while he died on the cross, we rose again and is in Heaven.   

My favorite egg goes with the last page of the book. It's a pearly white egg and when opened up has *nothing* inside!  What a surprise it will be for Oliver to open the egg and find nothing there.  This is the best part of Easter - Christ is not here anymore.  He has risen!


  1. He is risen indeed! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. I love resurrection eggs! My mom made Ben some in her MOPS class (she's a team leader) and he loved getting in to them. I think it's wonderful you embrace the true meaning of Easter Breck. I'm jumping on FB if you're there :)

  3. SO COOL! I could have "girly screamed" right then when you showed the first opened egg. Which doesn't happen very often. Lol. That is very cool.

    And Bennett on the horse ... haha .. his expression in that picture just cracks me up!

    Btw .. any emails yet? I haven't gotten any yet. But, I definitely will ask at Azer's next CF appointment. I'm just cool like that, ya know? ((hugs))

  4. What a cute idea! I've never heard of Resurrection Eggs. And the boys are *too* cute on those horses!!


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