19 April 2011

Preparing for the Feeding Clinic...with a Segway

Brian is counting down the days until he is done with this semester.  As usual, he's getting fatigued and is anxious for a break.  His program is daunting so we both look forward to the important summer break in a few weeks when he will get to rest.

I am also counting down this time as it is almost time for Bennett's admission to the feeding clinic.  Brian and I realized that if things go as expected, we will be separated as a family for half the summer.  It is hard to believe Bennett will be unable to come home for such a length of time.   I wish so badly I could snap my fingers and make the experience come and go by within seconds.

This is why we are trying to really appreciate the time we have right now...when the weather is beautiful, the boys are healthy and our opportunities to play outside are plentiful.

I am starting to grieve that we will have such a drastic change in our life soon.  I have appreciated the respite we have had since our last hospitalization in January.  I hate to see our lives turned upside down again, even when I know it is best.  But I am trying to both appreciate our lives in these moments and look forward to what is to come.

I am hoping to really make the most of our time in Dallas.  I have several friends I hope to see there.   I hope to take Oliver to the Zoo and to children's museum in Dallas (Bennett will not be allowed to leave the hospital while he is there).  We have family planning to come in for several weeks, as well, which will be glorious.

Brian and I went on a day date to Austin this past weekend, a last hurrah for us since we're about to be hit with such change.  It was lots of fun.  We actually bought a Groupon a few weeks ago and decided to use it on Saturday.  We took a Segway Tour of Austin.

 Yes, we looked like idiots but it was awesome!  Segways are these intuitive balancing machines that make you feel like you're floating!  It is sooo fun!  You can can so fast!
Segways are those riding things that you often see mall security guards drive.  They were supposed to be the thing that revolutionized travel in our society...but have turned out to have not caught on as fast as the inventor had hoped.

 We started out our tour with a safety video about the Segway.  Brian and I thought it was hilarious that the video kept showing a cartoon character falling off the Segway again and again.  In this cartoon the character fell backward and hit his head.  At about the 10th cartoon character falling, we were like, "maybe we shouldn't be riding something like this."  But it's really pretty safe.

 The most fun part of the Segway is that it is amazing at balancing.  You just lean forward to drive it or lean backwards slightly to make it go backwards.  You can turn left or right depending on how you lean the handlebars.

The Segway tour includes a tour guide who showed us parts of Austin and told us interesting things about the area.

One of the things we learned is the history about a building downtown Austin that looks like an owl.   It's called the "Frost Bank Tower."  (It's the building in the middle of this picture between the flag pole and taller building.) 

 Let's be honest, there is never a way to look cool while wearing an egg helmet (despite that I tried!).

And did you think I did it with my boot?  Oh yes, I did! :)

We really enjoyed cruising around the state capitol.  It's a beautiful building that resembles the US capitol...but, in the "only in Texas" way, has been built a foot taller than the US capitol.

 After our tour, Brian and I enjoyed dinner and went to see the Austin bats.  Overall, we had a wonderful time together and enjoyed preparation for what is to come.  I am so glad I have my best friend with which to go through this journey, through the roughs time and the best times.  We celebrate our 6th year anniversary on Sunday!


  1. Awww... Happy Anniversary on Sunday! I'm glad you guys got this day together!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast-- you and your boot look very cute on a Segway. Just wanted to tell you I totally feel for you with the boot.. From 2000-2004 I had four ankle surgeries and wore a boot for
    Months on end--it's no fun and I was no where near as busy as you are! Hats off to you:D

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Love the last picture of the two of you. Our anniversarys are close together. We celebrate ours on Friday, the 22nd. IT will be our 5th. Happy Anniversary to you two!

  4. You are amazing!! Only you Breck, would be riding around on a segway with your boot. Hilarious!
    Can you post more details on the feeding clinic? I didn't know Bennett would be there for a long period of time.
    Hope you guys are hangin' in there!!

  5. Hey Breck ~ looks like y'all had fun.

  6. HAHA! Only in Texas, right? How did I miss this post? Lol! Ya'll are just too cool. I bet you never thought you'd someday be riding a Segway wearing a pink helmet with a boot. Congrats on your anniversary!


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