01 April 2011

Pictures: 18 Months Old

It's hard to believe Bennett is 18 month old.  He's slowly emerging into a little boy. 

Such personality!

Bennett is incredibly sweet and loving.

Bennett *loves* stuffed animals, as well as toy cars.

Douglas is his favorite (Bennett loves to give "open mouth" kisses).

Happy 18 month birthday, Bennett!

('ve come a long way, baby!  March 30, 2010)


  1. WOW such GREAT pictures! His eyes are beautiful! My favorite is the one of his smiling and pointing at the camera. Bennett has gained some extra chubbiness around his cheeks since his earlier photos. Love that extra fat! He is looking more like a little boy and less like a baby!

  2. Wow! He looks so big in those pictures! I love seeing his personality in the pics! SO CUTE!


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