08 April 2011

No real news to report...

Well, there's not much to report here. No real news...

...well, except for the fact that my MRI showed I don't have cancer. That was good.

I was very relieved to receive the call from my doctor's nurse yesterday which informed me that the MRI showed no tumor (therefore no chance of cancer).  Apparently, instead it shows only "edema" (swelling) around the bone. I didn't get much else out of the nurse because she didn't know much more. But I will meet with the doctor today to find out more.  (Such as why am I having such painful swelling??)

I was instructed to take Ibuprofen (which is an anti-inflammatory medication) to see if the swelling goes down between yesterday and today...but I'm not too confident a few ibuprofen are going to matter. The pain in my ankle can vary from not too painful to I-need-vicodin, depending on how long I am on it!  So, I'm really hoping my pain will be managed today as much as source of the problem.

I wasn't really concerned that I had a tumor until the doctor did an ultrasound Wednesday and spent several minutes with a furrowed brow. After that he recommended an MRI and mentioned tumor. Then, I went white. So, it was nice to gain back my color around lunch time when I heard that my ankle issue turned out to be "nothing" (anything less than cancer is nothing).

In other news..Bennett did much better on his appetite stimulant yesterday than the last time we gave it to him a few weeks ago. No worries of side effects. He did seem hungrier yesterday but only slightly.

Despite my best effort last night, he refused the fattening chicken alfredo I tried to give him.   And he wanted nothing to do with the Pilsbury biscuits we were having. But he did spend about 20 minutes eating peas,, with his pincher grasp.

Peas have hardly any calories so they won't help keep up his weight. But he loved eating them so I was thrilled.  Bennett enjoying food is a blessing!  It should be old to me by now...especially after several "eating" posts.  But each time I feel like I'm watching him eat for the first time for the first time.  (The thought of, "do we really have to go to the Feeding Clinic??" does come into my head frequently...but we do.)

I love the opportunity to clean Bennett's green pea-stained face and hands after eating. It's so exciting to do normal-baby-eating-stuff with him these days.  It will be incredible to give up the g-tube some day.  Ah, I'm starting to believe this might just be a reality some day soon...


  1. Great to hear there are no worries as far as the big "C" word.

    Lol, but I have got to tell you. Azer's favorite foods are fresh cucumbers, vegetables with NO dressing on them. Sandwich meat without the sandwich part. He eats like a dieter. *rolling my eyes* Would you like some mashed taters with your steak honey? ... No ... But I'd like that green looking bush thing on your plate! No gravy, I hate that stuff. What does he think? It's going to stick to his thighs? Lol!

  2. Same with us, when Mackenzie was little (and somewhat now), she always preferred the "healthy" stuff! Raw veggies, no dip etc. Maybe we should have pretended she was not allowed to eat all the high fat, high cal stuff so she would want it more.

    Your first two lines of this post made me laugh - please know, NOT because there was a scare...just how nonchalant you were in the post. Like, "don't have cancer" is the same as "picked up a gallon of milk".


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