27 April 2011

No More Vanco

Bennett is still doing fabulous.  We just finished our last month of being on Vancomycin, his antibiotic to cure his C.Diff.  Bennett has been on Vanco for four months.  But his GI doctor seems to feel confident that he should not have another occurrence of C.Diff.  I'm very hopeful!  (But I know we've been here and back again before.)

Nonetheless. Bennett has just thrived since we've been able to overcome this chronic infection.  Bennett, having been so sick for so long, makes moments like this so very special:

Our little funny man plays a game.  We *love* seeing giggles and silliness from Bennett.

"Here I am!"  A healthy boy is such a pleasant sight!  

The storms have gone away but we had an exciting night last night. For the first time since we've been in Texas, we heard the tornado sirens go off at 9pm. We woke both boys up and took them into the bathroom. I had to really be careful not to get too excited myself. I've learned from Oliver's play therapy that he is incredibly attuned to my emotions. And I knew that a child who struggles with anxiety and is attuned to his mother does not need an anxious mother. So, I tried to keep calm.

At one point, I asked Brian if he and Bennett (who were sitting on the toilet seat) should join Oliver and myself in the bathtub, in preparation of a potential tornado. Brian's response was, "when we hear the sound of a train coming, we'll get in." (He's from Tornado-Alley, Missouri so he's not too worried about tornadoes.) Anyway, a few minutes later, Oliver was in the bathtub talking about how the tornado was gonna sound like a police car and an ambulance. Ha!

Randomly, I changed the background to the blog.  I was finding too many error messages with the current background.  Maybe sometime soon I'll get a whole new blog background.  But that means I'd have to convince myself it's worth spending real money on something's something I've yet to be able to convince myself of...but hope to in the near future. :)

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  1. Oh, Bennett looks so good!

    Lol, the sound of the sirens is more scary to me than the actual tornado. A few years ago, one came pretty close to us, ... like 30 miles away. Lol, that was close enough.

    Lol, you don't have to spend money on blogger templates! I made my blogger template myself, mostly. But, the blue looks great!


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