28 April 2011

Mom's Day Out

Brian and I recent met with Oliver's Play Therapist to find out more ways we can continue to help him work through his anxiety.  One of the things the therapist mentioned, which surprised me, was for me to get more breaks throughout the week.   She had many other suggestions of things we should implement but this one, she said, is very important considering my own feeling of being overwhelmed by both the boys needs.  Bennett's needs are physical: medication, treatment and food on time and repeatedly throughout the day.  Oliver's needs are emotional: needs for reassurance, patience and particular care when dealing with him.

So, today was Oliver's first day of Mom's Day Out.  I have hesitated to put him in a Mom's Day Out program for a variety of reasons but most importantly because of our need to keep Bennett well.  The healthier we can keep Bennett, the easier our lives are.  But now that it's Spring (the cold and flu season has passed), it seems like now is as good of time as ever.

I was concerned at first about Oliver's ability to handle a 5-hour program away from Mom.  But the therapist reassured me she would help us should he not be able to handle it.  He's physically old enough but emotionally fragile, she said.  So, we are working with him to become secure and confident within himself to be able to handle chaotic situations like a Mom's Day Out program.

Brian and I really hyped up his "going to school" earlier this week.  We talked about all the fun he will have.  We happen to know the teacher of the class as well as another child in the class, so this was very helpful for him.  We teased him by saying, "You're not big enough for school, are you?  That's what big kids do!"  And he would laugh and say, "Yes I am!"  (Reverse psychology seems to work well for preschoolers.)

He was very proud with his nap mat and Lunchable this morning.  He went into his class without any problems (bringing his stuffed toy Fox along).  He had asked if he was going to get to ride a bus since he was going to school.  But I assured him that he could in the future but at this point his momma was still gonna drive him around, since he's still in a carseat.

Bennett was distraught when I took the boys into the church program.  He thought I was leaving him and he wanted none of it.  But the reality is, I'm considering allowing him to spend a few hours there as well.  Our clinic seems to think it's a good time of the year and he will be fine.  I'm still alittle hesitant.  When Bennett gets sick, our world comes to a halt.

But, if Oliver does well and continues to enjoy going, I might just allow Bennett to go once a week as well.  One day a week to take care of the things I need to do might just help me better balance both boys needs and my own needs, as well.

If I've learned anything recently, it is how important Momma's needs are in relation to the family.  As the saying goes, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  And I am aware of my own great need for stress relief, especially in relation to the Baylor Feeding Clinic admission soon.

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  1. Both my kids go to MDO programs. Ours are 3 hours and you can choose up to 4 days a week that you want to attend. They LOVE it! I admit I love grocery shopping child-free too!


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