07 April 2011

Guess who ate Steak??

This isn't the best picture - my camera light caused shadows and Bennett is squinting (what he does when we say, "say cheese!") but it's proof that he ate bites of Daddy's steak a few nights ago.  Steak!!  A kid who previously showed oral aversions and didn't eat hardly anything until several months ago.  Steak!!  It took him a while to chew it up but he wanted it, asked for it and ate it!  We were ecstatic!

Brian, being the CF dad he is, mentions when he's cutting a bite, "let's see, Bennett, let's fine the fattiest bite I can find" (Children with CF don't absorb fat properly so a fatty diet is good for him - it's nice to know he can eat the part I try to eat around).

On another note, I've been having ankle pain in my right ankle for the last week or so.  I had it a year ago but had a cortisone shot which seemed to immediately relieve the pain.  The first doctor I went to seemed to think it was nothing.  The second doctor I went to thought it was tendentious.  But when it hurt again a year later, I went to a specialist.

This specialist, a sports medicine doctor, didn't seem to want to give me a cortisone shot as he felt my pain was more related to the bone than tendentious.  He suggested an MRI.  I thought he was nuts.  It's just a sprain, I thought.  But I began to consider maybe it was a bone fracture.  So, I came in for an ultrasound to see if the doctor could get a clearer picture (the x-rays showed no fracture but did hint of a fine grey space).  After yesterdays appointment and seeing more questionable grey area, the doctor recommended an MRI again.

This time I did go forward, especially as he mentioned his greatest fear of a tumor.  I should know the results of the test today.  I assume, although I do not know, that I will have to have a biopsy if it is a tumor or cyst.  This biopsy would tell them more about the area.  I'm hoping it is neither.  I don't have time to hobble around in the midst of preparing for the feeding clinic and running after two sweet boys. 

But, whatever it is, we'll take it in stride.  I'm sure its nothing.


  1. Good Luck B. I had to do the FNA biopsy on a tumor in my neck a little while ago and they will be doing surgery on it as soon as we are settled back into our home :-(

  2. Bennett has good taste! Glad to hear everything is good with your ankle and it's not cancer or anything worse. You have enough on your plate!
    Thinking of you guys always!


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