14 April 2011

A Few Random Thoughts...

My favorite thing that Bennett does right now...randomly walks up to me and sticks his little forehead into my knees.  He's so affectionate.

I realized yesterday evening that I am never going to heal this leg.  The boys have me on my feet all day.  Their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches don't make themselves.  And inevitably, whatever side of the room that I'm on, of course, a child will trip onto the floor on the opposite side.

After pushing the boys in their outdoor swing for a short while yesterday, I came inside to let Oliver "help" me make Macaroni and Cheese.  Don't you know my sweet boy knocked the entire box of macaroni noodles onto the kitchen floor just moments before we were able to put them into the boiling water.  So, there I was sweeping and bending down with one leg bent and the other in a boot, trying to get every little noodle off the floor.  (Ever heard the crunch of a noodle under a boot?)

I asked Brian a few days ago how I might be able to take the tikes with me to get groceries, with my boot and all.  I finally thought about the scooters provided for free by our grocer.  Shall I put Bennett in my lap?  Would Oliver ride from behind?  Fortunately, Brian offered the suggestion that I go alone or allow him to do the shopping this week instead.

Me pass up an opportunity to ride the local grocery scooters?  No way! 
(Yep, it beeps when it backs up.)

If I take the boot off to rest my leg and need to put it back on quickly, I look and sound like I'm heading out for combat.  This heavy-footed boot has six long black velcro straps that have to be ripped off and stuck back on each time I unload (or reload) my leg.  

In non-boot news...
Check out this hilarious special guest coming to a local California Great Strides walk.  Click here.  I love love love this!  (Read it closely, it's pretty clever.)  Not only would this be such fun to see at a walk...but just thinking of a llama having his own Great Strides team makes me want to give money! (Llamas crack me up.  They are just so ugly-cute!)


  1. Barack O’Llama!! LOL!!!!

    Haha ... Llama FACE!

  2. You are totally rockin' that scooter! Way to let nothing stop you mama! That is totally how CF mamas are made. Isn't it crazy how much we spend on our feet. I am having vein surgery in weeks due to my (pain) varicose veins and I have had no luck limiting the time on my legs and feet.
    I sure hope that you find a way to help your foot feel better. Love the pic of Bennett snuggled into your knees!

  3. Woo hoo!! You posted scooter pics!!!! :)


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