18 April 2011

Enjoying the Texas warmth!

If there is one thing I've learned about Texas it's Spring comes early and goes by quickly!  So, this year, we bought swimsuits right at the beginning of March and now, in the middle of April, we're seeing consistent days into the upper  80's and 90's.

In lieu of a baby swimming pool this year, the boys were given a water table.  Bennett's favorite thing to do with the water table is to stick his toys in the water and then suck the water off of the toy.


Bennett still loves putting things in his mouth, which is actually good for him.  Oral stimulation is important in kids with g-tubes.  We just wish he wouldn't go double dipping in the water table.

Oliver loves to play outdoors.

This is a picture of the boys taking a rest.  Bennett is looking for the moon (he says "mooooo").

Oliver and Bennett are playing so well these days.  It is so fun to hear them giggling at each other.  (Bennett is often the instigator.  He knows enough pushing and tugging on Oliver and Oliver will chase him.)

Oliver is so sweet to Bennett.  He watches out for Bennett and tells us if he's into something he shouldn't be.  Bennett loves to follow Oliver around since he knows the action is always were Oliver is.

Sweet little toes enjoy the Texas grass and sun.  Big brother, little brother.  Best friends. 

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