25 April 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had!  The weather was beautiful.  Everyone was healthy.  And family came to visit!  This was the perfect storm of a peaceful weekend break!

We had planned to attend our church's children's Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning.  But, unfortunately, the end of the week hit us hard.  Brian, specifically, has been so exhausted from his course work over the last two weeks that I couldn't bear ask him to sacrifice another Saturday morning to get up early, even for such a fun occasion.  My Easter gift to him was to sleep in.

So, we chose to let the boys have their own backyard Easter egg hunt.  Thankfully, Pops, Mumsy and Aunt Brooklyn offered to hide the eggs!

We were all surprised at how quickly Bennett got into the game of finding eggs.  He knew almost immediately what he was supposed to do.

And he was darn good at finding eggs, too!

Oliver really enjoyed egg-finding as well!  He was a champ!

Oliver dashed and darted throughout the yard to find the eggs.  He was very sweet to Bennett, allowing Bennett to find all the ones he could.

Bennett needed some guidance from Pops.

But ended up finding several eggs they had hidden for Oliver.

It was pretty adorable to see Bennett carry around his own basket.  He did well until one point when the basket got a bit heavy.

I love this picture.  Bennett's little legs are just a running.

Get it...

Got it.

Bennett watches Oliver loop pass him to find more.

Oliver is a very serious egg-hunter.  This is because he knows one thing...




Oh, the treats!

Once done, Oliver literally went through each egg, one by one, shaking them to hear what's inside.

Daddy had hidden one little M&M in every three eggs.

Oliver was pretty funny.  He would shake the egg and then toss it.  But if he felt candy inside, he was on it like white on rice!

Pops explains to Bennett that there are treats in his eggs too.

Bennett doesn't really talk yet but this face says it all:  "Uh?!  I can't open.  Help me!"

Mumsy offers Bennett his treats.

Bennett finds fishy crackers in some of his eggs...

and M&M's in his too.


  1. Looks like fun!! Love Bennett's outfit-- and is Mumsy, your Mom? You totally look like her!

  2. I can't get over how dark Oliver's hair has gotten! Love all of these pictures! I miss your family so much! Tell your family hi and hug Brook for me!

  3. What a great big brother Oliver is! Love their Easter outfits, you always dress the boys so cute.


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