26 April 2011

Dying Easter Eggs

 This was Bennett's first year to really enjoy dying Easter eggs.   It was a big hit with the boys...

 ...well, once the TV was turned off.  Clearly, dying eggs had a bit of competition at first.

 Brian (who found his Hawaiian spirit this Easter weekend) teaches Oliver how to use a white crayon on the eggs before dying.

 Bennett really enjoyed Daddy letting him "help."

 He was very interested to see what happened to the egg.

This is where I am behind the camera saying, "don't touch!"

I loved watching the boys pay so close attention to the eggs.

Oliver tries dipping eggs on his own.

After a few minutes, Daddy reveals the egg's new color.

Oliver and Daddy.  I may or may not have bribed Oliver for a smile. :)

Bennett dyes his egg blue.

Sooo interesting to an 18 month old!

Ooooh! Wow!

Daddy reveals Mommy's egg.

Oliver, becoming quite confident with dying eggs, did so good on his own.

Daddy makes Oliver laugh.

One of the funniest things Oliver did while observing eggs was exclaiming, "it's hatching!  it's hatching!"  Poor thing guy has seen "Milo and Otis" one too many times.  He kept thinking a baby chick was about to pop out of our poor little eggs at any time.

Roosevelt Oliver.

Oliver had so much fun!  He has become such an independent big boy!

Bennett had a great time too.  Although, watching eggs dry wasn't as engaging as he the idea of swining in the backyard.

Our beautiful eggs.

Happy Easter!

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