21 April 2011


Diadeloso ("Day of the Bear" in Spanish) is a campus-wide annual ritual at Baylor. It is a day of games, friends and music...and we LOVE it!

This annual day has been going on for years.  The university cancels classes for the day and student groups put on different games and activities during the day (such as a cake walk, dog fashion show, tug-a-war game, huge slip and slide, etc).  Oliver really loved the face painting.  Sic 'Em, Bears!

Bennett rides his first horse!  He looks pretty confident here but I the first 10 pictures I took of him showed facial signs of distress.  What a champ, though!  While the Baylor Riding Association allowed children to ride the horse, we just let Bennett sit up there.  Oliver's first time to sit on a horse was last year at Diadeloso.  Oh, Dia, how we are making memories with you.

Oliver, however, did decide to ride the horse.  He's incredibly nervous in this picture.

But he calmed down...

...even breaking a smile.  (Daddy walked right next to him, though, which seemed to help him alot.)  He was so brave!

One of the things that struck me while we were at Diadeloso was how big Bennett has become!  He walked around very independently at times.  And seemed to enjoy making his own play.  He found a stick that he loved holding and playing with in the dirt.

Oliver most loved the sand that the students provided for children to play in. did most of the other children his age.

Oliver could have played for hours.

Bennett didn't much like the sand.  He preferred to just carry his "just-my-size" drink around on this hot Spring day.

Bennett pretends to drink.  (I've learned more than once not to give my 18 month old an entire bottle of soda to drink on his own - despite his desire to do so!) But I thought it was pretty cute to see him try to drink it anyway.

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  1. Oh I miss the days of Diadeloso!!! You brought back some great memories!


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