06 April 2011

18 Month Checkup

Yesterday was Bennett's 18 Month Checkup. It was quick and simple. The bottom line is Bennett is doing wonderful and catching up beautifully from the delays he demonstrated due to his rough start early in life.

The only lasting concern is his speech. Bennett's Pediatrican says that these days he should be saying 20-25 words. But he says fewer than three. We are already in Speech Therapy so there isn't much we can do.

But I'm not the least worried about it. We went through something similar with Oliver and were very concerned about his delays with speech. However, when Oliver turned three, we saw a huge burst in his language and he speaks right on level now. So, Brian and I have accepted that his language will come in time.

Bennett lost about 12 ounces since he was diagnosed with acute bronchitis last week. It's a bummer but the doctor wasn't worried since we know he was sick.

We meet the CF doctor next week so I'm really hoping we can increase his weight before our appointment with her next week. We will give Bennett his appetite stimulant tonight so we'll see what happens tomorrow as he hopefully eats up!


  1. Great news! Madeline is similiar on the talking. She seems to want to be a perfectionist in things before she shows everyone her stuff. Bennett sounds like he will be the same~

  2. Don't stress about language development... second children usually have the first child speak for them a lot! And he's also less independent than most kids because of his CF needs, so that makes sense that he'd rely on you or other caretakers to meet needs without speaking. I bet you are reading all kinds of books and he points to familiar things... and probably remembers his favorite scenes from the Cars movie or songs from kids' CDs. I can't imagine that YOU of all moms with a teaching certif and research in Montessori and EC learning would be neglecting this! I bet he has a later language explosion!


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