07 March 2011

Thank You for Giving

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

This was the Scripture that yesterday’s sermon was wrapped around. Our pastor spoke about on money and reminded us that it is how we spend money that demonstrates what we value.

I came to church yesterday in an already mediatative mood. Within only 48 hours of Bennett’s video being put up on Facebook before more than 300 dollars had been given to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Bennett. I couldn’t believe the kindness!

Yesterday’s sermon ended with a video from Sarah McGlaughlin that is pretty poignant about the use of money:

During one of the scenes towards the end, there is a little African boy that is hungry but whose body cannot absorb the food. The video demonstrates how important it is to fund medical organizations who can help him.

I saw Bennett in that little boy. It struck me that my son is in a similar position. He wants to live but he will eventually succumb to a disease that is slowly hijacking his body despite anyone’s efforts. And yet, money is being given for research to find a cure to save him.

I couldn’t help but tear up when I was reminded, during that scene, of the people who have given this year and last year on behalf of Bennett. Just this year alone, the people who have given are those with big hearts – a neighbor who moved in just a couple of months ago, far away sorority sisters who have never even met Bennett, a friend of a friend who I have met only once and my camp supervisor who I haven’t seen since high school.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. This has played in my heart over and over in the last two days. As I have seen the overwhelming response so far, I have seen people’s treasure, and as a result it has shown me their heart.

Giving money to anything means sacrificing something else in the process. And I have been so humbled by those who have opened their wallets to give on behalf of Bennett.

In fact, it is a blessing I am learning how to accept. They say it’s better to give than receive. And the interesting part of receiving is the feeling of unworthiness.

How can I ever repay these people who have given to save my son?” is the thought that often rises up in my heart when I find out someone has given.

Each time, I hear God say, “a gift is not meant to be repaid, it is meant to be received with thanksgiving. Accept it as a blessing.”

And, each time, my heart curls its fingers around my open palm and whispers thank you.  Thank you for the blessing of hope you give my family. Thank you for helping us save Bennett.

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