22 March 2011

Reasons for a Late Post...

Well, this is a late post today. There are a variety of reasons...

1.) We have begun seriously potty-training Oliver.  So, every 30 minutes during the day, the microwave timer is going off and I'm busy helping Oliver with his pants. :)  He's doing a really fabulous job.  In three days, he's had only 5 mistakes, 4 of them on the first day.   I have dragged my feet on this one...not too excited or confident on how to potty-train.  But it turns out that it's not too bad.  And it'll be well worth it in the end!

2.) We had Occupational and Speech Therapy this morning, like we do every Tuesday and Thursday morning.   However, today, we discussed my desire to cut back therapy. Bennett is doing phenomenal with his eating and, overall health-wise, is doing beautifully. CF is a progressive disease so I am quite aware that our hardest times are yet to come.  I am equally aware of the need to be as less invasive as possible during the good times. This feels like a "good time" so we've decided to cut out Occupational Therapy and cut down Speech Therapy to once per week (maybe even 2X per month). This will allow Bennett's issues to become less of our focus and will give us back about two hours a week of family time. Our plans to go to the Baylor Feeding Clinic in several months may impact how much we do/do not need Occupational/Speech Therapy. So, for now, we'll just put the therapies on hold/cut them down until we return from our hospitalization.

3.) I have maxed out my laptop's harddrive with pictures. And I have almost used us my entire free space on Picasa Web due to pictures. We're facing either buying a new harddrive for my addiction our family's pictures, or buying online space.  I feel like there is really no good alternative for protecting digital photographs...and as rapidly as I taking pictures....we're gonna have to figure out something soon.  Brian promises to help me correct this problem this week.  I look forward to taking/downloading more pictures soon.  :)


  1. I love all the pictures you post and am amazed of how good you are with bringing the camera with you at all times. I remember thinking when I read your blog that I should be better in bringing my camera with me everywhere. There are so many occasions where I wish I had it with me! and every time I think of you and all your pictures. I hope you find a good solution for the storing.
    How old is Oliver? Has he turned 3 yet? I never started potty training before summer after they turned 3, but Sara... he he.. she already have been trying the toilet several times. I am so sick of her loose diapers and amazingly she has done what she needed both ways several times! I think she will be more than ready this summer, and she just turned 2yrs.

  2. We do three things for photos -- Flickr ($25/year; stores in original resolution); 16 gb+ USB drives (stored in our safe); and we're looking into CrashPlan or something similar. It's crazy!!

  3. Mandy Dragland NixMarch 23, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    Oh, Breck! Madi is just now finally almost potty trained. I do hope that your experience is much easier than either of mine... It sounds like you are well on your way! :)


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