21 March 2011

Pizza and Cupcakes

On Friday night, our little family of four attended the birthday of one of Oliver's best buddies.

The boys were so sweet sitting on this step.  Bennett really wanted me to open those bubbles.  And Oliver was modeling his new cowboy hat he received at the party.  It was very fun to celebrate our little friend who turned four!

But little did the fellow party-goers know, but we were having a mini-celebration of our own.  Bennett ate at least 6 bites of pizza...and about the same number of bites of cupcake!  That is quite an accomplishment for a child who, only two months ago, would hardly eat anything.

(Sorry for the "see-food" picture but it's so funny to me.)  Whenever Bennett wants more of something, I ask him, "show me what's in your mouth."  Sometimes he will chew on a bite of something for a longer-than-normal time (typical of children with feeding issues) and, inadvertently, I'll end up giving him too many bites for him to chew at once.  Nonetheless, this is one of my favorite things...watching Bennett show me he wants more to eat!   I cannot express how thrilled about his enjoying pizza and cake.  During these moments of feeding him cupcake, I realized a wish deep within me wish is that, when it becomes his birthday, I hope that he'll get to enjoy his cake too.

P.S. Would you believe that after Bennett ate so well this evening, I actually forgot to give him his enzymes?!?  I was so focused on getting him to eat that I didn't even think about the fact that the child has to have enzymes, otherwise he won't absorb any of the nutrition or good fats from the food.  Oh well!  One thing at a time... :)


  1. Awesome Bennett!!! So funny- I have forgot before to give Madeline her enzymes too when she ate something for the first time. I have even gone as far to pour the enzymes in applesauce but then forget and leave them there only to find them hours later!!

  2. So happy to SEE the food in his mouth! It is the silly things in life that make us mama's smile. We have many food issues too around here too.

    I can't tell you the amount of times that enzymes have been given only followed by a big glass of water and NO FOOD!! Grrr... or the times that the enzymes are "late getting to the party" because we weren't sure she was actually GOING TO EAT!

    We have an OT appointment tomorrow for eating issues. I am really excited and hopeful that they will be able to help Rachel to know what to do with the food once it gets in her mouth.

    GLAD TO SEE Bennett's food IN HIS MOUTH!!!=) Yipee!

  3. I always love to see pictures of Bennett eating. I can't imagine how happy that makes you feel. And pizza! Who doesn't love pizza?! He's after my own heart :)
    Hope you're doing better Mama!

  4. I like your eating posts and pictures. This time I read that Bennett ate 6 slices of pizza and I was shocked! Then I saw it said 6 bites..
    I forget to give Sara her enzymes all the time, but she does not eat that well on her own. Only a bite or two at the time (very small bites), sometimes she eats from my other kids food while they eat something and I don't have full control over the intake. It has not caused her problems.


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