24 March 2011

New Appetite Stimulant

Yesterday was our wonderful visit with Bennett's new GI doctor, Dr J today.  He was very encouraging and reassuring.  We have one more month on a low dose of Vancomycin antibiotic to prevent the return of his C.Diff.  After that, we will wait and see if his C.Diff. comes back.  Dr. J believes it won't.  I'm hoping he's right.

We also talked about the success we've seen with Bennett's eating.  Dr. J suggested using an appetite stimulant.  I was hesitant at first since the CF clinic told me just last week they don't even consider using an appetite stimulant until after the age of 2.  But Dr. J reassured me that he uses it all the time and hasn't had a problem with it.  After research, I have come to conclude it's worth a try.

I pulled from multiple online resources of CF parents who have experience with this medication.  It seems that the medication does not have alot of side effects.  Lastly, I had an opportunity to speak with the Baylor Feeding Clinic last night.  The lady I spoke with said she agreed with Dr. J's suggestion that we try the appetite stimulant to maximize any success that Bennett might gain while at the Feeding Clinic.

So, we will begin tonight giving Bennett a new medication right before bed.  The main side effect is sleepiness.  So, Bennett will be able to sleep off that side effect of the medication throughout the night and - hopefully - will wake up hungry.

I'm pretty excited about seeing what this medication does for him.  Some parents say it does wonders!  Some say it did nothing for their children.  We shall see in the next week.

On a side note...
Bennett delighted in several mini white-powdered donuts yesterday.  I've never seen him finish eating anything before (never has he finished a jar of babyfood, a complete sandwhich or plate of food).  So, to see him eat an entire mini-white donut yesterday.  I wondered last night if watching Bennett eat will ever become mundane.  I'm sure eventually it will.  But for now, it's as exciting as watching my child walk for the first time.   So exciting!


  1. Wow Bennett is doing so well! I know you must be so thrilled (BTW- those chocolate mini donuts are usually LOADED with fat! We give those to Madeline sometimes!) Keep us posted on the appetite stimulant. I am very curious about it myself!!

  2. You are SO lucky to have a child who wants to eat!
    What is the name of that appetite stimulant medication? I have to ask Saras doctor about that.

  3. Hoping the stimulate gives Bennett an appetite! Thanks for the donut idea, I bet Ben would love them.

  4. We love our appetite stimulant! We have found a trick to in rotating it over the last four years! Am excited to see how it work for you all. Let us know.=) Praying that Bennett feels better soon.


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