14 March 2011

I didn't forget...

I didn't forget to post yesterday. I just took a short break to be with my husband this weekend (which included Monday as well).

Brian and I took some much needed time out to be away from our boys and just fall in love with each other again.  And, as a bonus, we spent some time with a few of our closest friends.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17 

There is something so wonderful about bearing your soul to friends who know you well.  And there is equally something wonderful about spending time with your husband without all of life's distractions.

I have never more appreciated the idea of a convent or sabbatical.  Each of us, at some time or another, need a break from refocus and gain new energy to persevere.

While we missed them, the boys loved being with family while we are gone.  We are so thankful for family who is willing to sacrifice to care for them on our behalf.

I will write more about my own breakdown over Bennett's health sometime soon as I continue to process lingering grief over his diagnosis (that's the thing about chronic illnesses, the grief over them can feel a bit chronic, as well). 

But for now, it's nice to simply share my thankfulness for healing deep friendships and loving husbands.


  1. I read recently that "every birth story is traumatic, or at least very dramatic" and that really resonated with me. Give yourself permission to revisit the trauma and drama you experienced a year and a half ago. Its hard to not be bitter about disappointments and expectations that are unmet. Its so good to grieve the loss of what was to be, and so cathartic for you to write about it or talk about it with people you trust who know you are thankful for your life, your family, your blessings, even though emotionally there is a dicotomy between praising God for what's right right now and feeling upset about what is NOT right right now!

    PS -8 inches of snow today in Columbia. Some melted, but basically... I was in a snow globe in Memorial Union today and it was so pretty.

  2. Glad you got some good hubby time in. That's so needed every now and then. Hope you're doing well, sounds like you've had to deal with some heavy news. Hugs to you friend <3


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