08 March 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday!

 It's Mardi Gras in our house!  Originally from Louisiana, I love being able to celebrate traditional Mardi Gras with the boys.  We wear beads, eat Red, Beans and Rice and King cake!

This is Bennett's new silly smile when we say, "Cheese!"  It's a combination of him squinting his eyes and opening his mouth.  It has us cracking up.

Purple, Green and Gold dazzle our house.

There are no parades in Central Texas (that we know of) so we haven't been able to show the boys that yet.  But for now, it's fun to teach the boys our Louisiana heritage and celebrate the beginning of the Easter season!


  1. Dang, you post early girl!

    A comment to your last post, it almost makes me feel guilty to receive and not to give back! I am also having an awesome Great Strides year. I wasn't expecting it, with the economy and all.

    Lol, Bennet's silly smile, so cute! I like the vase with all the colorful things in it. Cool! It feels like Easter outside, with the nice weather!


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