03 March 2011

Chicken Nugget

Bennett is eating so well!  Yesterday, I couldn't help but bring out my camera when I saw Bennett start chowing down on one of Oliver's McDonald's chicken nuggets!

It was so fun to see him eat so well.  He needed no coaxing, no incentives, no praise.  He was hungry and he just ate!

We weighed Bennett yesterday to make sure he's not losing weight.  It seems he is gaining just a small bit.  This is still good news.  We have decided to begin to work him up from 20 calorie formula to 30 calorie formula ever so slightly.

As long as we continue to see smiles, we will know he is tolerating these changes just fine.  We are hoping to give him higher calorie formula to make up for the small amounts of food he is still not able to get in.  But in the next two weeks, we will also try to drop another feed and see what happens.

We've decided to begin working on new strategies with the speech and occupational therapists.  I told them that I find that Bennett eats more when he is not being pressured into eating.  So, we are going to stop focusing on food and start focusing on fine motor skills and sucking through a straw.

I will have to get a video of Bennett dancing when he eats.  He is so funny when he dances around.  It's obvious that he enjoys eating.


  1. Love the cute pics oc Bennett! It is so exciting to see our children when they LOVE to eat. Madeline LOVES chicken nuggets from McDonalds and it's one of the few things she will eat on her own without a lot of praise (just like Bennett!) Thanks for sharing! (Ps: Burger king chicken fries are another favorite of Madeline's- wonder if Bennett would like them too?!)

  2. I'll be interested to hear if Bennett likes a straw. Molly drank a cup of milk and another cup of water at Chick-Fil-A Tuesday because she got to use a straw. Hello wet diapers!!

  3. I love it, look at that happy growing boy!!! Bennett looks SO happy and SO content in these photos, brought a smile to my face and so much joy to hear how he's doing with food (and who knew Bennett and I would share a love for McDonald's chicken nuggets?!)

    And I just have to say, you and Brian are doing great-- we are some of your biggest cheerleaders and prayer warriors (even though I am horrible these days with emailing/keeping caught up with the blog, which I know you understand.)

    But, I think and pray for you all often and our sweet little chicken nugget! (Especially when I see your lovely faces on our fridge every day!!) xoxo, Mags


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