31 March 2011

Bronchitis Update

Bennett's acute bronchitis is doing well. He's completed his antibiotics and seems to be breathing better. He is still wheezing but that should go away in another week. We will continue to do breathing treatments until he is done.  The hope is this doesn't turn into anything more.  I am feeling pretty good about it...for now. Breathing treatments every 6 hours + Vest treatments twice per day + enzymes before feedings + tube feedings + medications (2 in the morning and 6 at night) = how the heck do you do anything else in your life??

The only thing that has recently changed in our routine are the addition of twice daily 30 minute breathing treatments. But each time we change/add to our routine, it throws us out of wack for a few weeks.  When we add something to our schedule, something else always has to go in return.

Breathing treatments are normal for most CFers.  But since Bennett has yet to have any no lung issues (they usually will get them by 2 years of age), we have pretty much been able to hold off on giving those to him.

Having to treat a lung infection such as bronchitis reminds us what we have ahead. And it makes us *incredibly* thankful that we are not required to do inhaled medications right now (except when he's sick).

I literally feel like we are the luckiest people in the world because we get an extra hour of our day to not do treatments. But I am aware that eventually we will join the general CF public in having to do them.

Our bedtime routine (as well as our morning routine) is incredibly long.  Babies and kids require the obligational bath time, teeth brushing time, story time at night.  But add to it Bennett's long list of bedtime routine and it's practically cutting into dinner! 

Thank goodness there are other CF families out there that remind me  But it is a wonder how families do it. 

Nonetheless, it's completely worth it to keep Bennett alive.  So, I will keep focused on the fact that it's ultimately worth it...even if it means it adds several hours to our day.


  1. Does Bennett do abuterol at all? When Madeline was diagnosed with CF, the doctors prescribed those automatically bceause of the diagnosis. That's nice that you get a break from ALL breathing treatments all the time.... We will be up to 8 per day! I am trying to enjoy the 3 less treatments for a few more days before our cayston arrives! Glad he is feeling better. Hope eerything works out for all of you! KEep us posted!

  2. Lol, I so feel that.

    When Azer was still an infant, I started to do "bathtime" in the morning, because the evening treatment just took so long. It's still that way. But, I have to wake up much earlier than other people to get his morning breathing treatment, vest, and bolus feed done before school. Baseball practice in the evening isn't fun for me, in a way that it cuts into bedtime. Evening breathing treatments take longer because there are 3-4 different nebulizer meds to do, depending on if we are on Tobi or not. Cf parents are such organized people, are we not!

  3. You're amazing, Breck. You were meant to be Bennett's mommy. xo


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