10 March 2011

A Boy Who Loves To Swing

The boys' grandparents went together to buy the boys a swingset for Christmas.  We were able to finally get it purchased and put up a few weeks ago.  The weather in Waco has been fickle with really warm temperatures followed by cooler temperatures.  But as much as we have been able, we have gone outside to enjoy the swingset.

Oliver enjoys doing lots of things outside....

But Bennett is a single-minded man.  He wants one thing and one thing only: the swing.

This kid could swing all day, if we'd push him that long.  Who thought it was a good idea to give up those battery powered baby swings once kids reached 20 lbs?  I could use a motorized swing to keep this kid happy!

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  1. Love the pic of Bennett! Madeline has always loved swings and would cry when we would take her out of her toddler swing. What swingset did you end up getting? would you recommend it?We are also looking into finding a swingset for our new backyard!


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