29 March 2011

Advertising Bennett's CF Walk

A few weeks ago, I approached the owner of Waco's only children's boutique Pinwheel Kids to ask if she might be willing to be a sponsor of this year's Cystic Fibrosis Walk.  I was incredibly touched when Rachel, the owner, was not only receptive but was excited to do whatever she could do to help us make this year's walk the best!  Almost immediately, Rachel was coming up with some fabulous unique ideas of ways she can help!

In fact, when we talked, she suggested that I join her both during Saturday's Kids Expo in order to advertise our Great Strides walk.  (See my handmade poster with Bennett's picture on it?) 

The Kids Expo had a great turn out.  Hundreds of parents and children came out to see what local businesses have to offer for kids.

Pinwheel Kids had their table all set up.  They offer premiere parties for kids, classes for kids and parents...

And tons of adorable toys!  This is just a selection of the cute things they offer.

It was so sweet that Pinwheel Kids used their booth to promote our Great Strides Walk.  It was so incredible that so many families had an opportunity to find out about Cystic Fibrosis.

I spent several hours at the Expo passing out flyers about the Walk, which included a small portion of Bennett's story. 

The Expo was alot of fun.  There were alot of vendors.  It was pretty interesting to see that one of the things so many children stood in line for was, none other than...

Facepainting!  Kids love then some facepainting!

Thank you so much Rachel and Sandra for supporting Great Strides and for working to find a cure for Bennett!!


  1. Wow that is great Breck! Kudos to you for putting out the word about CF and spreading awareness for Bennett and others with this disease!

  2. I know the people who work at Pinwheel and am very excited they are supporting the walk!!


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