08 February 2011

Yucky Lungs

I recently read a great blog post by Marchet, mom to CFer Peter (who is about Oliver's age).  Marchet is a fighter mom who recently shared Peter's story with some local students near her.  It sounds like she did a great job!  See her post here:

One of the many compelling pictures on Marchet's post about her guest speaking experience was a picture belonging to CFer Leah.  Leah granted me permission to post this picture.  I think it is incredibly compelling as it's a picture of Leah's old lungs.  She had an opportunity to see them after her lung transplant.

Isn't this amazing?  These lungs looks so diseased and yucky.  It's hard to believe those were in Leah's chest and were supposed to keep her alive.  If you don't know what lungs are *supposed* to look like, check them out here:

It just goes to show that while a CFer might look great on the outside, their lungs can be very sick.  It's just amazing to me how much Cystic Fibrosis really damages the lung.

This picture is seared in my mind - for the moments when I want to pretend Bennett doesn't have a lung disease.  Thanks Leah for this picture!  And thanks Marchet for sharing it first!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Breck. Yeah, this picture really does it for me too. CF is such an "invisible" disease. It's so hard for people to believe that such cute little boys like ours could possibly have a life-threatening disease. Thanks for all you do! Love your blog.

  2. awesome! no problem! God bless you and your family


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