09 February 2011

What We've Learned Tip #4: Manage Important Health Information

Ironically last week (before we found that we'd be going to the ER and admitted to the hospital), I was searching for free health management software that might help me track Bennett's healthcare.

I have found that as often as we go to the doctor, add new medications, have bloodwork/stool sample/throat culture tests, etc., it is becoming increasingly important to track Bennett's important health information in a way that I can better organize everything that is going on.

A while back, I learned the importance of tracking Bennett's symptoms.  I don't do this all the time but in situations such as Bennett's intolerance of formula and his resistence to antibiotics, it has been incredibly helpful.

I was reminded of why its important when we were at the hospital.  We were at a different hospital than our "normal" hospital this time.  Therefore, the hospital didn't have any of our recent records.  I was repeatedly asked when Bennett began showing symptoms or when Bennett began medications. 

So, it was serendipitous when on Tuesday afternoon (right before we had to go to the ER the first time), I found Google Health, a free internet-based health management application.  I actually spent the afternoon plugging in Bennett's medical information - which I was then able to pull up immediately at the hospital that night.

Google Health is still a work in progress.  But it offers a very easy way to chart medications, procedures, test results, medical contacts and weight gain.  It even allows for the uploading of medical records.  How amazing is that?! 

Since we've arrived back home, I've gathered up all of Bennett's records and added much of it on Bennett's Google Health account.  (I typically request all of Bennett's medical records, especially after a hospitalization, so I can follow Bennett's medical care carefully.)

Last night, as I was combing through Bennett's records and looking for any tests he had undergone during his previous hospitalization, I found he was given a Barium X-ray at 2 months old.  It would have been really wonderful to have known this when the doctor asked us if he had ever undergone a Barium X-ray.  If I known, the doctor may have concluded it wasn't necessary to undergo one again.

I love Google Health and hope they will continue to roll out more wonderful features.  I am convinced that there is a great benefit to having control over one's own health information (or their child's information).  I can already see how active I must be as a parent in making medical decisions for Bennett.  It is empowering to have his information at my fingertips, like the doctors have at theirs.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I am going to check it out now! :)

  2. Oh wow...this is very interesting. I will definitely look into this because I feel so unorganized at times with Bryce's information. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing! This might be a great place to store all of Hallie's meds we've tried. :-)
    Love you

  4. FANTASTIC suggestion. Thank you!!!

  5. THanks for sharing. I have started putting in Madeline's info into the google health site. What a great way to manage her health on paper!!
    (PS: so glad you liked the boogie wipes!)

  6. Great video! I enjoyed watching it and I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing this informational video post. I will try that one too.



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