09 February 2011

Video: Teaching Bennett About His Health

Bennett is getting so big!  He's still not talking but seems to understanding alot!  Today, in jest, I asked him to get his diaper for me.  I was pleasantly surprised when he proceeded into the next room and returned to me with several diapers in his head.

Yesterday, I showed Bennett where we put our shoes when we take them off and he was very happy oblige my request to put his shoes in the basket.  I could see such pride when I asked him if he wanted to turn the "on" and "off" button to his Vest chest therapy machine this afternoon.

As Bennett begins to understand what we are doing and how we do things, we have started taking opportunities to teach him how to care for himself.  One of the ways we have started helping him take ownership of his health needs is by allowing him to push his medicine through the syringe into his G-tube.

I was able to grab a video of him doing it tonight. However, I have to mention the HUGE impact big brother Oliver has had on getting Bennett excited to help.  Oliver is right smack dab in the middle of the child development stage of wanting to "help."  So, he is often very anxious to do whatever it is that we need.  Because of this, we shower him with praise telling him that he's our "Big Boy Helper" in hopes that he will live into his own identity (rather than just being the "not-sick-one").

You'll see in the video that Oliver is chomping at the bit to join in.  (You'll also notice that he has quite the sense of humor as he talks about "poopy diapers" in an effort to crack himself up.  Sorry! :))  But we love how Oliver brings such energy to something that we hope Bennett will eventually also enjoy - caring for his Cystic Fibrosis.

There is a new push in the CF community to teach young children the correct names of their procedures and to be able to identify their medications and briefly explain what they do.  The desire is to help the young child begin to own their disease and the treatment of their disease so that they will do so throughout their entire life.

As we try to teach our boys how to be polite, loving, independent young men, we hope to also teach both of them to care for themselves and for each other.  It is a delight to see Bennett learn how to administer his own medications (under our care) and to see Oliver want to facilitate him in that process.  We hope this desire to care for each other and themselves will continue to grow with them.

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