14 February 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Well, I have a special Valentine's date today. Well, Bennett and I both do. We're spending Valentine's Day with the Infectious Disease doctor at Cook's.  It should be a good time. We're gonna be talking about poop and C.Diff. most of the time, I'm sure.  Charming!

The truth is, I had a fabulous date with my hubby on Friday.  And our little family celebrated Valentine's day last night with Breakfast for Dinner, including heart pancakes. So, tomorrow should be a normal day for us.

Our sweet friend Lindsay will be watch Oliver so I don't have to bring him with me (he and I are *both* happy about that one!).  I'm not too anxious about today's appointment since we're actually feeling like we're gaining some control over the C.Diff.  But, at the request of our CF doctor, we are meeting with this Infectious Disease doctor to find out his thoughts.  It will be interesting to find out if he has a new perspective for us to consider. We've waited for three weeks for this visit so I'm actually really glad it's here.

I surprised Oliver with little heart containers hidden throughout the house this morning.  Each little heart contained one M&M.  He has been delighted to find all the hearts (and eat candy at 7:45am)!  Bennett wasn't too interested in finding hearts. :)  Later, I asked Oliver to deliver a small candy gift to Daddy in bed this morning.  I faintly heard Oliver  in the next room fumbling the gift in his hands while announcing, "Happy Birthday, Daddy!"  I guess Oliver hasn't yet gotten the concept of Valentine's.  Nonetheless,

Happy Valentine's Day,


  1. cutest. love and miss you guys. - jess

  2. I'd go for a birthday over Valentine's Day any day of the year. Surprise, Brian!


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