01 February 2011


Bennett is doing really well - and has done so since we've been home...twice. :) 

Bennett's rectal prolapse has yet to be seen.  It seems that his C.Diff. is in hiding.   And his head/stitches have been pain free from what we can tell.

I don't know what happened but within a day of being home from the hospital regarding C.Diff/Rectal Prolapse, we saw his 10-diapers-a-day habit drop dramatically to 2-per-day.  In addition, we have gone days and days without projectile vomiting.  We consider this is success! 

We will test his stool again this week for C.Diff. but my hunch is nothing will be there.  If this is the case, we'll continue on our plan to give Bennett Vancomycin for the next four months, slowing tapering the amount each month.  However, if Bennett does continue to struggle with C.Diff., we will go with Plan B (the Stool Transplant).

We have appointments to meet with all of our new doctors (as well as our CF doc) next week.  So, we shall get a better idea of what the future holds.  For now, however, he is doing really wonderful.

I am a bit bummed that Bennett has a cold now.  But it was bound to happen.  I am *still* struggling with my cold which came on more than a week ago.  Brian and Oliver are as well.  It seems like the three of us are on the mend.  But I am afraid Bennett may just be beginning.  We will probably begin doing more Vest treatments in order to help the mucus move about his lungs more easily.

Bennett must get his stitches taken out tomorrow.  I'm pretty anxious about it, myself.  I am an incredibly laid back person in immediate stressful situations.  So, I can typically calm myself down during even the worse of moments.  But after watching Bennett get poked and prodded constantly, especially during our hospitalizations, I am finding it harder and harder to fight my own anxiety on behalf of the little guy.
My prayer is that tomorrow's appointment goes quickly and efficiently - that Bennett's stitches come out without any issue and that Bennett would not need to go through any more than what is necessary to complete his procedure.

This child has had enough.  My prayer is that God would be near us both as he is held down, once again, to be messed with.

Speaking of prayers...I don't think I've had a chance to thank you guys - all of you who have shared your sweet comments through the blog or through email last week when we were in and out of the hospital.  We so appreciated hearing from our friends - near and far - knowing that we were not alone through this journey.  Thank you also for your prayers!  To be mentioned in a prayer is a very precious thing.  We know God has been and will continue to be with us.  And we appreciate that many of you have taken our situation to the Father on our behalf.

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  1. So glad that Bennett is doing better. I hope this trend continues. Fingers crossed for a quick and easy visit to get the stiches out tomorrow. And even more fingers crossed for you all to have a low key week after your busy, busy week!. :)


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