06 February 2011 Educate.

I recently read the book "Live Like You Mean It" (by T.J. Addington) as a part of one of the blogger book review programs I participate in.  It turns out that the book was pretty good and had me self-reflecting a good bit.

The book is written to inspire the reader to live with purpose and be intentional in all areas of life, something I wholeheartedly agree with.

The part of the book that struck me most was the first chapter where it encourages the reader to identify his/her passions and gifts to recognize his/her purpose.  In response to the book's prompting, I asked Brian what words he would use to fill in this sentence with regards to me...

"God has placed me on this earth in order to..."

"Love", "help" or "give" might be appropriate words to place here.

But I was pleasantly surprised when Brian and I both independently finished this sentence with the same word: "educate."

I asked Brian why he chose that word for me...and I shared with him why I chose it for myself as well.  Brian said that it seems like educating others is one of the things I most enjoy doing.  I agreed.

Whether I am working in journalism (I used to be a TV reporter), working as an elementary teacher (I have a masters in Education) or mentoring younger women (something I greatly enjoyed doing in college), my love is to teach others.

The author of "Live Like You Mean It" wrote,
"Understanding why God placed us on earth and the unique role He designed for us has a powerful influence on how we live our lives." 

This week I have been thinking about how my desire and love for teaching others influences how I live my life.

I think it influences the way I interact with my children - I love teaching to them and watching them learn.  It influences the way I interact with others - I love helping others think through their own situations, how and why they do things.  It influences the way I process my feelings - I share my feelings in a blog in order to help myself cope and others benefit.

"Real life is found as God's purpose for our lives intersects with our embracing of that purpose.  Anything else is merely existing." (quote from "Live Like You Mean It")

* Here's my review of the book "Live It Like You Mean It": I recommend this book if you're looking for a book that encourages living intentionally.  "Live It Like A Mean It" is a book that will inspire you to live your life with purpose and meaning.  The author has some great questions and suggestions for how to make the most out of our time on earth.  The book encourages the reader to choose wisely how he/she uses his/her time, money, friendships, goals, etc.  To get the most out of the book, I recommend reading it with a friend or a group.  The book has more to offer if the reader takes the time to really soak up the author's ideas.  This book is an easy read and will inspire.  A complimentary copy of this book was given by NavPress for an honest review.

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