24 February 2011

Since when did Bennett become a little boy?!

"Since when did Bennett become a little boy?!" was the question someone asked me this week.  I replied, "within the last month?" 

But, honestly, it's probably been the last week that I've noticed a totally new child.  Bennett has not had C.Diff symptoms for over a week, if not more.  That is huge!! As we've seen before, when Bennett is well, he thrives.  When he gets sick, he seems to stall.  So, no wonder that Bennett has begun to make big strides!

Just in the last two days, we have heard him giggling more than we ever have.  He often giggles and Oliver or makes himself giggle (yesterday, he found kicking his legs really fast was, it was swinging his arms back and forth)...but laughter is a sound we have rarely heard from Bennett. 

We began cutting back on Bennett's feeds this week.  And he has begun eating solids quite nicely.  He's still eating way way below what he needs to eat to make up for the calories he is missing but he's eating good for him!  Tonight, he ate a tablespoon for macaroni and cheese, a tablespoon of peas and an ounce of apple juice!  That's more solids than he's eaten over the course of several days, especially when he had C.Diff.!

Last night, I also turned to Bennett and said, "Bye Bye" as he walked off into the next room.  I was shocked when he turned to me and said, "bye bye" back.  Bennett said his first word months ago but has never spoken since.  He started really babbling about two weeks ago.  We knew his talking would follow shortly after.  But he looks like he's really progressing now.  I wouldn't be surprised if he starts  adding new words in the next few weeks.

Last night, we found Bennett on the second step of Oliver's bunkbed. In fact, when I allowed him, he climbed right to the top (although, he's not so good at coming down).  It was only last week that I noticed he could climb up on the bottom bed by himself and get off the couch by himself!  It's nuts that he's developing so quickly!

We are so incredibly thankful for good health!  We are watching our little baby morph into a little boy.  It's incredibly exciting.  We miss the little baby things about him.  But we love hearing the giggles, watching him eat and seeing him become a happy almost-healthy boy!

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