21 February 2011

Organizing The Medicine Cabinet

Recently, I began trying to "rethink" Bennett's kitchen medicine shelf.  We started noticing how the shelf was becoming a bit of a "catch all" of a shelf and yet we need the items on the shelf on a daily basis.  So, things were beginning to get crowded.  In an effort to make things easier, I purchased several small containers.

The first thing we wanted to fix was our morning and night routines.  Each morning, Bennett gets several medications.  But in the evening, he gets the bulk of his medications.  Since we use many of the medications several times a day, we started to get confused (between the two of us - Brian and myself) about which ones we had given and not given..and when we had given them.  Since we don't always have a chance to communicate, we needed a system so that either of us could give a medication without having to wonder if it had already been given.

Our new system makes it much easier.  Now, we pull out a basket whenever we need to give Bennett his meds.  These are all of Bennett's morning medications.

Next to that, we have placed his evening medications in another basket.  These baskets sit on the shelf next to each other so we can grab them quickly. 

Each time we use a basket, we must refill the basket for the next time need to use it.  We also must move the medicines that are used both morning and night to the appropriate basket.   (I would love to eventually have enough small bottles of medicines so we don't have to play "hot potato" with the medications.  But this works for now.)

Bennett's night basket includes his vitamins, his salt, Prevacid and probiotic.

We include all the necessary materials in the basket so we don't have to go hunting for them.  The teaspsoon is used to measure out his salt (in the yellow bottle).

Each basket is labeled.

This is Bennett's morning basket.

It is labeled as well.

Another couple of new baskets that sit on the shelf are for the individually wrapped medications.  Typically, we have to get these medications from their container (a box or a medicine bottle), unwrap them and then put them in the medication (both are open and crushed/poured into Bennett's night feed).  To cut down on extra containers, we have these labeled plastic bins.  Therefore, once we receive the boxes of individually wrapped medications, we just open up the box and pour the meds in containers.  Since the items are still individually wrapped, it makes it super easy to grab them and throw them in their corresponding basket so it's ready for the day.

On the left of our Morning/Night baskets is another container that keeps our plastic supplies (such as our Mighty Fix-it and extra Mic-Key adapters).  Behind the Morning/Night baskets sick extra medicine supplies and bubbles (our motivator for Bennett taking his enzymes).  It's so nice to now open the cabinet and see order instead of chaos!!

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  1. We were actually on the Florastor for a brief period due to a really bad intestinal bug that Chloe got. At least I am pretty certain that was the name of it- that's the probiotic, right? Now I keep them both on a daily dose of Culturelle (the over the counter one) and (knock on wood) we have kept the stomach bugs to a minimum since then.


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