04 February 2011

No More Stitches...Waiting on C.Diff Test

:::We heard from the nurse today regarding Bennett's C.Diff. stool test.  Turns out he does *not* have C.Diff. right now while on the Vancomycin.  It is hard for us to believe its negative - have you smelled Bennett's diapers lately - but it is.  We have left a message with Bennett's new GI doctor and will see what he says.  At this point, that means the Vanco might be working and we will likely continue with Plan A.  This is good news.:::

Bennett's stitches came out fairly quickly on Wednesday.  He began wimpering just as soon as we walked in the Pediatrician's doctor office.  And he let out a cry when the nurse, a sweet girl we often see when we are there, called for us to come back.  But overall, it went really smoothly.  Two nurses held him down while the Pediatrician gently cut his stitches and pulled them out.  Left free to focus on Bennett, I was very confident and was able reassure him he was being very brave.  Oliver sat happily in the corner of the exam room enthralled with watching a "Cars" youtube video on my smartphone, seemingly unaware of what was going on.  So, I considered the entire procedure a success!  (Thank you for your prayers!)

At our appointment Wednesday, we dropped off a stool sample to be tested.  We will hear something either tomorrow or next week.  Brian and I are pretty sure that Bennett still has C.Diff. despite that he's been on his current dose of Vancomycin for more than a week.  His stools are much less frequent but he is still vomiting here and there.  It's so frustrating because it does make us wonder if we'll ever see C.Diff. gone.  As soon as we find out the results, we will call our new GI doctor at Scott and White to find out what he wants to do.  He may ask us to continue on the Vancomycin for another week before trying Plan B (the stool transplant) or he may just go forward with setting it up.

I updated our Pediatrician during our appointment with what "Plan B" entails.  She looked at me rather dumbfounded as I shared details about the Stool Transplant procedure.  It struck me again how much a parent of a child with a chronic illness really does become an expert in their child's care, being forced to explain to the well-informed doctors about procedures they didn't know existed.

Bennett-man has finally come down with the cold that the rest of us just finished dealing with.  I hate to see him have to go through this really bad cold (anybody, for that matter).  This cold lasts at least a week if not more and is pretty unrelenting.  But Bennett is handling it just fine with the help of tylenol to keep any fever at bay.

Bennett hates his nose being wiped so that doesn't work well when his nose is running like a faucet.  But my sweet boy gave me a slew of kisses tonight (he can be picky about when he doles out his open-mouth kisses so I take every one I can get).  I walked away with snot all over my face but I didn't mind.  Kisses from a baby is priceless, even the snotty/slobbery ones.


  1. I'm praying for no C.Diff... And I'm glad you're stiches-free. Cam did something similar when he was 17 months old. He's proud of the scar - he thinks it makes himself much more Harry Potter-esque.

  2. What an amazing picture you took of Bennett! I love that you can see his reflection in the table- so cool! On another note- have you heard of "boogie wipes?" Madeline also HATEs having her nose wiped UNTIL we found these wipes--->
    They are scented in grape or you can buy them unscented, hyper allergentic, and alchohol free. THey are mostly made up of saline and really help relieve the "harshness" of a regular tissue. Madeline really doesn't fight us with these. Infact, my husband and I tried them and they actually open up your nose with short relief. I have seen them at Target and of course babies r us carries them too!

  3. Lol... ewww. Snotty kisses.

    Yeah, I know how diapers can be messy and just not normal. Those are NOT fun. It's great to hear that there is no Cdiff though!

  4. Your clinic may already have you on this but the Culturelle probiotic is supposed to be very helpful when dealing with C Diff.

    Best of luck to you all.


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