22 February 2011

New Little Backpack

Bennett often wears his backpack when playing.  He gets the most compliments on such a tiny backpack for a little boy.  But, their faces really light up when we explain the little backpack (which holds his feeding pump and feeding bag) is actually feeding him while he plays.

This little backpack is an absolute gift!  It gives Bennett the freedom to roam and play independently even during his 3 daily hour-long feeds.  We purchased this backpack from a great little website called Feeding EssentialsFeeding Essentials is a small company made up of several moms of children with feeding tubes (affectionately called "tubies").  This backpack is made incredibly well and is so comfortable.  Bennett would never wear his old backpack but never cries when we put this one on him.  In addition, it is as cute as can be. :)

Here's a shot of the backpack where you can see the tube coming out of the backpack.  It's attached to his g-tube under his shirt.  Most people don't even notice, which is fabulous!

I had the boys sit down and wear both backpacks.  Oliver was a great sport.  He wore the original backpack we purchased about a year ago.  This black backpack is the backpack that the feeding pump manufacture sells.  It's nice and has worked out fine but is much too big for an 18 month old.  In fact, it's a bit big for Oliver's little frame.  We are so thankful to find such a fabulous item such as Bennett's new backpack!  We are even more thankful for the mommas who made it!  Having this backpack has given Bennett one more opportunity to move through life more easily, despite his daily health challenges!


  1. That second picture of Bennett is too cute!

  2. Love the cute trendy backpack..and of course, it's abilty to help bennett. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that it looks like something a kid would want to carry, and what a Mama would want to buy.

  4. Looks adorable! And I love your organizing of the meds. Lol, I'd never be able to do it that way. It's always been the easiest just pulling them out of the bottles as I go.

  5. Thanks for posting about the Kiwi! I really appreciate the feedback. And the Kiwi looks really good on Bennett! ;)


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