17 February 2011

G-Tube Surgery Team

After seeing how interested Bennett is in his G-tube and how important it is that Bennett learns about his own needs, we decided that he needed another member of the family who has CF.  So, recently, we assembled a team of top-rated doctors and decided to go forward with surgery.

The doctors all agreed that Bear needed his own G-tube to help him eat.  Dr. O began the procedure with a check of the patient.  He wanted to make sure Bear was strong enough for surgery.

Dr. O is known for paying close attention to his patients' need.

Dr. B also wanted to confirm the patient would do well throughout the surgery.

Medical supplies sit ready for the doctors to begin.

Dr. M (for Mommy) had the hardest part of the entire surgery procedure.  (She was also the only one qualified to handle the scissors.)  A small hole was cut in the patient's tummy and the g-tube was neatly placed inside.

Dr. O secured the g-tube in the patient by filling the g-tube balloon with water using a syringe.

This part of the procedure was repeated numerous times, not out of necessity but out of pure fun by Dr. O.  

Fortunately, the patient didn't seem to mind.  Dr. O has a very compassionate bedside manner with all his patients.

When the surgery was completed, Dr. B did confirm that the g-tube worked properly.  He was unable to be present during the entire procedure due to the many activities that keep him busy (activities such as chewing on his favorite spatula, having Daddy read him a book and playing with his favorite car).

Dr. O seemed to gain a great satisfaction with helping care for his patient.

It was really important for the team that they took Before and After pictures of the patient.  It is clear from these pictures that the surgery was successful.

Dr. O smiles during a picture taken at the request of the patient.  Bear seemed very happy with his new G-tube.  We wish him the best!


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