06 February 2011

First Snow, Part 1

On Friday, Bennett experienced his first snow!  Unfortunately, he was less than impressed with having to dress like a marshmellow man and walk into frozen ice, especially when he had a cold.  However, it was worth every minute of it for Mommy to document his first snow!

Bennett's First Snow, 16 months, February 2011

Oliver's First Snow, 15 months (March 2009 at our home in North Carolina)


  1. How exciting for him! And can I just say I love love love that little peacoat!

  2. Lol, they look so alike at the same age. Looks like ya'll got just a bit more snow than we did here.

    And to reply to the previous post: Ha .. you used to be a TV reporter? I knew you either had to be something like that or a model. Lol.

    I have yet to really feel like I have a purpose besides treating Azer's CF, and helping to make sure my daughter does not grow up to be a real life Barbie (what? All Barbie does is hang out with her friends and make pink food in her pink house, wearing pink clothes). Lol!

  3. Very neat. I'm glad you guys got some snow. :)


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