16 February 2011

Fascinated by his G-tube

As we teach Bennett about his body parts (sticking out his tongue is his favorite), we have also taught him about his g-tube.  He knows it's there.  And he knows that Mommy, Daddy and Oliver don't have one.  But until recently, he hasn't really known/cared what it does.  

So, a few nights ago after Bennett (and Oliver) helped put medicine in his g-button, we offered Bennett a syringe to play with.  It was really funny to see him decide to try to put the syringe back in his g-tube.

In fact, he was so interested in doing it, he sat there for about 10 minutes doing nothing but putting the syringe in and out.

The nice thing about a g-tube is it doesn't hurt.  In fact, Bennett's doesn't even need to be cleaned other than just normally in the bathtub when we wash the rest of his body.

Although we wish that Bennett would eat more by mouth and be less dependent on a g-tube, we could not be more thankful for such a contraption.  Bennett has to take alot of yucky medicines, which would normally have to be taken by mouth.  We love that we do not have to force him to swallow these medications and can so easily slip the medication right into his belly.

Another benefit of putting medication right into his belly?  Tylenol works faster since it doesn't have to go by mouth and wait to go through his system!

It was funny to see that Bennett's g-tube was a great exercise in hand-eye coordination!  Bennett was very good at getting the syringe in correctly!

We hope that eventually Bennett will be able to put his own medication in - giving him a sense of ownership of his CF - and be able to connect/disconnect his own feeding tube.

A Dietician is coming by our house on Thursday to see if we can find a way to cut back on Bennett's feeds so that he might start to feel hunger again.  The issue with tube-fed children is they are often fed on a schedule.  Therefore, their bodies do not often feel hungry.  We want to help Bennett start to feel his body's own prompting to want to eat.

Bennett will likely keep his g-tube in for years - maybe forever.  The nice thing about it is that it's so small people usually don't notice it through his clothes.

We are given a replacement g-tube to keep with us at all times (in case the g-tube breaks).  However, we change the g-tube out every 6 months in order to keep a new clean g-tube at all times.

Thank God for beautiful medical supplies such as g-tubes.  They give us the freedom to live life without forcing Bennett to eat or keeping him in the hospital because he doesn't eat.  We feel very lucky to be able to have a g-tube.  While it makes living with CF even harder, it also makes living with CF even easier!


  1. Hey, I didn't know you could put the medicine straight into the Mickey button without attaching the extension. Is that just a regular syringe? They never told me that.

    Yeah, it's great that Azer is able to connect and disconnect himself, like if he has to use the bathroom at night. He mostly does his entire morning bolus himself.

  2. I love the pictures! And Bennetts, PJ's and your countertops :)


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