09 January 2011

What'd she say??

On Friday, we came home after 5pm to a message on our answering machine from Bennett's (GI) Gastroenterologist's nurse.  She was calling me back regarding my concern that Bennett's C.Diff. retest will not likely to come back positive.

This is the third time in 15 months that Bennett has been treated for C.Diff.  Most recently, Bennett showed his first signs C.Diff. on December 14th.  To treat it, Bennett was treated with two weeks of the antibiotic Flagl and two weeks following of the antibiotic Vancomycin.  That's four full weeks for antibiotics.  And yet, we are still seeing symptoms of his C.Diff. (projectile vomiting, incredibly loose and badly smelling diapers, adominal cramping).  That's not good.

We have been instructed to retest Bennett for C.Diff. on Tuesday as he completed his round of Vancomycin today.  Brian and I are 99% sure he will test positive again for C.Diff.

So, the nurse left us a message regarding our concerns.  Here's what she said,
"...if Bennett's retest shows that he does still have C.Diff., we're going to refer him to ID..."

I thought, "ID?  The Infectious Disease doctor?"  I replayed it for Brian. 

Brian heard it and thought she said,

"...if Bennett's retest shows that he does still have C.Diff., we're going to refer him to IV..."

IV?  That means IV antibiotics like the nurse had mentioned as being an option a while back...

Neither of us could be sure if it was "ID" or "IV."

We still aren't sure, even after a couple of more replays on the answering machine.  So, we will have to call the nurse first thing in the morning to find out.

Either way, if Bennett's C.Diff. retest comes back positive then we will either be referred to an Infectious Disease doctor whose specialty is treating reoccurring issues such as this or we Bennett will be placed on IV antibiotics to see if we can rid him of C.Diff. (a likely hospitalization).

My heart has skipped a beat a few times this weekend - when I've thought about a potential hospital admission or when I've thought about having to visit another doctor and having to wait even longer to get this issues resolved.

I've had to calm myself down and remember that we don't even know what the nurse said or whether or not Bennett's test will be positive.  So, I know I shouldn't get all upset with worry.

However, it's hard to get a message at 5pm on Friday afternoon and have to wait all weekend to find out what the next step will be to help our son get well.  I look forward to hearing from the nurse tomorrow to find out exactly...what'd she say??

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  1. Ugh, I hate that. It's 6 pm on Friday and you need to reach one of the team members. No go til Monday. Praying HARD that it's not a hospital admission, keep us posted!!


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