06 January 2011


This week has been quite and slow.  We are enjoying having Brian home for a last week of winter break before he returns to his rigorous academic program on Monday. 

Bennett started the antibiotic metronidazole (Flagyl) before Christmas for his C.Diff.  However, halfway through that antibiotic, his GI doctor decided to put him on another antibiotic called Vancomycin.  I'm concerned because we're 10 days into our 14 day dose and we are not seeing his symptoms subside.  He's having intense abdominal cramping, projectile vomiting, stinky diapers, nauseousness and very frequent and loose stools.  This is his third bout with C.Diff. and it's pretty frustrating.  We are dealing more with C.Diff. stuff than we are with CF stuff at this point.  We aren't really sure if the C.Diff. is from CF or from tube feeding or what.  Not all CFers deal with CF but it does hit CFers at a higher rate than it does the general public.  We will continue to monitor Bennett until he gets retested for C.Diff. next week.  At that point, the doctor will decide where to go.  Unfortunately, there are not alot of options with treating C.Diff.  It's a sort of superbug that is almost antibiotic resistant.  And, if left untreated, can cause harm to his body.  We will continue our plan until we know more next week.

Oliver and I have been having some good one-on-one time lately.  I've begun to carve out an hour of my day several times a week to read with him, play games with him and affirm what he is learning (his colors, letters, shapes, etc.).  It has been really good for both of us.  He is enjoying the time together.  I am loving being able to "teach him" while delighting in his growing language skills and personality.  We are starting up his therapy this week, which I am looking forward to. 

Outside of kid news, I had a root canal today.  You know it's never a good thing when the Endodontic Dentist working on your root canal describes your root canal as being on the "far end of the spectrum of difficult" and then says that "root canals like yours are what keeps me interested."  Unfortunately, he wasn't able to finish I will have to return in a few weeks.  My next appointment will be my third appointment for this root canal on this one and only one tooth.  It's horrible.  But thankfully, I've gotten through the first two appointments, I can get through the last.  Let's just hope this one is the last!

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