07 January 2011

Things That Go

This is  (Well, almost all of them.)  There are 85 in all.
How is it that cars are like rabbits?  How exactly do they multiply so fast?!   We actually bought no more than 10 of these cars.  Most were given in happy meals or as gifts.  And each one has been played with for literally hours upon hours.  Cars are beloved in this house.

But, after welcoming almost a dozen new "vehicle family members" for Christmas (all of them a huge hit with both boys), we decided it was time to gather up all the toys on wheels in order to fully "take stock" of what toys we own. 

Sure, we thought we had alot of cars, trucks, trains and tractors but it wasn't until we gathered them up - from under the couch, in the diaper bag, on the table, in the toy basket, under the bed and in the car - that we were able to confirm, yes, we have!

Most of the toys we own in our house have wheels.  Sure, we have a few balls.  Yep, we have a few games and quite a few books.  But cars are what Oliver and Bennett Gamel love...what they really really love.

So, we agreed that we couldn't give away any of them.  Instead, we decided to divide up the cars into a box.  We kept about ten cars out to play with.  But the other 75 went into a box, to be rotated on an upcoming when the boys get bored. 

It was a perfect solution to our mess and to our dilemma - how to keep every car (because they love them all) but prevent our house from being taken over by things-that-go!   It's evident, the Gamel boys love things that go!

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  1. Oh Breck, how I wish our boys could meet. We live and die by cars in our house and I know our boys would enjoy each other. Maybe we should have a car-swap? :)


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