20 January 2011

"No C.Diff. Party" Bust

Well, we took Bennett's poop to the Pediatrican's office again yesterday.

On Friday, we received a negative culture for C.Diff.  In fact, we actually celebrated at a restaurant as a family with a "No C.Diff. Party"...

Oliver being silly...Notice the candle in my Sandwhich?  We were all being silly!

Don't be fooled.  He was chewing on it, not blowing it.

Big brother figured out how to blow it, though!

However, by Monday, we saw all the same symptoms returning.  By Wednesday, I was convinced he had C.Diff. again (or never got rid of it) so we had his stool tested yet again.

I honestly had really hoped that I was wrong, so much so that I actually was surprised to hear I was right.

This poor little guy has C.Diff. yet again!  This is Round 4!

So, our plan at this point is to get an appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor in the next two weeks.

The Infectious Disease doctor will be Bennett's 4th specialist, not counting his 4 therapists or Pediatrician. That's alot of people with which to coordinate!

Oh well, hopefully this new doctor will be able to help us solve this C.Diff. issue once and for all!!

In the meantime, Bennett had his 15 month check up yesterday (a few weeks late) and weighs 23 lbs. He's maintaining the 25 percentile, which is good.


  1. Ugh ... no fun. I'm not sure which type of bacteria Azer has growing in his intestines (they didn't test for it), but he's on Flagyl for it. This is after he took two different types of antibiotics during the same time period. I guess it just totally wipes them out. We don't like colons that look like clean slates. Lol.

  2. Yay for weight gain!! Oh sweet Bennett if I could share some of mine with you I would ;-) I have plenty of pounds to spare!


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