27 January 2011

Oliver Visits Bennett

:::EDIT: We are home, which is wonderful.  Bennett is particularly happy at home - walking around everywhere and playing with his toys.  I am a walking zombie.  I wanted to update tonight to clarify information and document other conversations I had today.  However, I am so tired I can hardly think straight.  I will share more details tomorrow.:::

Last night, Oliver came up to the hospital for a few hours to visit Bennett.  The Child Life Specialist had brought Bennett a play doctor's kid from him to play with at the hospital. 

During his visit, Oliver was particularly interested in playing doctor - gloves and all.

Dr. Oliver was very gentle with his patient.

Elephant didn't mind having his blood pressure checked around his waist.

Bennett, exhausted from his day, merely had energy to lie there and watch Oliver play.

Bennett fought so hard yesterday.  People were poking him and prodding him constantly.  He cried and cried until he could not cry any more.  It was sad to see him have so little energy by the end of the day.  But we could tell he was still very happy to see Oliver.

Nurse Bennett held the needle for Dr. Oliver.  We asked Oliver how many shots he was going to give Elephant.  Oliver responded, "5 minutes."

Oliver spontaneously reached over and played with Bennett, even giving him a kiss.

But what starts out as a sweet kiss on the cheek...

...can turn into giggles and play between brothers.


  1. Wow, great to hear you're home! It's SO GOOD to be at home after being stuck at the hospital. Yeah, I love the hospital for all that they do for my child, but I HATE it at the same time. I hate just driving past it. Your two boys are adorable together. I don't know about you, but after Azer is out of the hospital, it always feels so right when I have both of my children at the same time.

  2. Great news that you are home. You captured some GREAT photos. The boy are so precious together.

  3. Congrats on being home, excellent news! Gorgeous photos of the boys, so adorable together - brothers need their brothers! I hope you get some well earned rest! Sleep well!

  4. Welcome home Breck and Bennett!!


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