24 January 2011

Milk Allergy Test Results

:::EDIT: Amy, great question!  No, we have not seen an increase of reflux since we took Bennett off his Prevacid (PPI).  A change in his absorption of nutrients is yet to be seen.  (This is the primary reason Bennett was on Prevacid.  Prevacid is thought to limit the acid in the stomach, allowing the enzymes to work more efficiently.)  Having said that, we also haven't seen a chance in his C.Diff because of it.  So, I'm pretty sure that just the act of stopping the PPI will not be enough.:::

I got a call today regarding Bennett's Milk Allergy Test results. I was surprised to hear he has a "moderate" milk allergy.

Most kids outgrow milk allergies so I'm not too worried about it. But it does mean we're going to have to come up with a new formula for Bennett, rather than Pediasure.

A "moderate" milk allergy typically means the person can eat traces of milk without a problem - however, an intake of alot milk can be a problem.   Since Pediasure is milk-based and would be Bennett's sole source of nutrition, it's likely that he won't handle that much milk very well.

The one month supply of Pediasure we ordered from our home health company is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  However, I called them today and asked them to hold on to it, letting them know that it's likely that we are going to have to reorder a different formula instead.  The home health company said it was fine.

The GI Dietitian said that depending on how moderate Bennett's milk allergy is, he will likely be placed on a hydrolysed formula.  The funny thing is Pregestimil (Bennett's original formula) was a hydrolyzed formula.  So, I'd be surprised if they put him back on it since they originally pulled him off of it due to a potential milk allergy.  However, I'm very aware there aren't a ton of choices in formulas:

The options are I know about so far are:
* Regular cow's milk formula such as Enfamil, Similac, Good Start (this won't work if he's allergic to milk)
* Extensively hydrolyzed cow's milk formula such as Pregestimil, Nutramigen, Alimentum (this was the first formula Bennett showed an intolerance for)
* Elemental Amino Acid formula such as Neocate and Elecare (this is currently what Bennett uses and may be causing his C.Diff trouble)
* Soy formula (the GI Dietitian told me today that if children are allergic to milk, they are often allergic to soy as well)

So, I'm pretty curious to see which formula they recommend for him to be placed.  I should hear back in the next day or two about this.  We will then order the formula and wait another week or more for it to arrive.
 All I want is for Bennett to be able to eat more by mouth, gain weight appropriately and get rid of C.Diff.   It seems like the process of getting there is taking forever.  But hopefully we will hear soon on what to do next.


  1. Interesting. We thought Madeline had a milk intolerance and later learned that her severe projectile vommitting was SEVERE REFLUX. She has been on Omeprozole (Prilosec) for a year and a half at BEYOND the max dose. She still continued to projectile vommit...but not as frequent. You sure it isn't a combo of reflux and moderate milk allergy? We have cleaned and scrubbed more carpets in the last 2 years than the stanley steamer guy. :(

  2. Sunshine is on Peptamen Jr (sp?). It is wheat free and lactose free. Have you tried something that is just lactose free? Some people with milk allergies are ok as long as they avoid lactose.

  3. Azer did very well on Nutramigen for a while as a baby(expensive as heck though.) He experienced a lot of bloating when we started him on whole milk, but, he eventually tolerated it. He still experiences some bloating when he has a lot of milk during the day.

    And Azer is taking Peptamin Jr. by g-tube. He doesn't have any bloating with it. They might switch him to a different formula soon though, because he's not gaining as much weight off of it as he should.

  4. C is actually on rice milk- it's vegan and it fits with her allergies. She was on breastmilk for 15 months and couldn't go to soy milk due to a soy allergy. We compromised with rice milk fortified with D and Calcium. She's much better with her dairy allergy these days but last week she ate some cheese and had stringy mucous and threw up afterwards.


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