23 January 2011

Making Friends With The Vest

A few nights ago, Brian and I babysat our new neighbor's 6 month old.  Lucas and Bennett are alittle less than a year different in age.  So, they were super cute sitting next to each other while Bennett did his nightly vest CPT. 

Noah can't sit up on his own yet so we sat him in he BebePod seat next to Bennett while Brian read the boys a story (we typically entertain Bennett during vest time by reading books and singing songs).  Brian started laughing when he noticed how Lucas held onto Bennett's vibrating tube most of the time.

Later, after Bennett was done, Brian took off his vest.  Little Lucas's hand was still out there looking for Bennett's vibrating tube.  So, Bennett took his hand and held it.  Sweet boys. :)  We are so glad to have a new playmate next door.

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