19 January 2011

The Latest in CF Fashion

 We have received some of the craziest little trinkets since we've joined the CF community. We've received a pair of shoelaces, a plastic duck, a bib and other various baby goodies. Today, let's add a pack of CF "silly bands" to that list.

We received these silly bands when we reordered Bennett's enzyme medication this month.  They were a surprise but turned out to be really cute.

For most elementary and junior high kids, "Silly bands" are the rage these days.   You can buy them at the store in a variety of shapes.   They can sometimes be expensive.  Kids love to wear them and collect them.

The CF "Silly Bands" we received are made into shapes of words and of roses.  (Cystic Fibrosis' unofficial flower is the rose since many children cannot say "Cystic Fibrosis" correctly and choose to pronounce it as "65 Roses" instead.)

These little bands are a great way of helping other children learn about CF.  I can imagine it would be super fun to give these away at school if I was 10.

However, my baby isn't even 2 yet.

While Bennett does sport these suckers well (particularly when wearing his flannel vintage cowboy pajamas up at the table before bedtime), I'm not exactly sure what to do with them.

Oliver enjoyed them for about 5 minutes before they were left on the table.  He quickly lost interest in wearing bracelets.  (For that, I'm not all that disappointed. :))

In all seriousness, does know of anybody who would enjoy these things?  I'm happy to mail them to you for free!  Just leave me your email and I'll contact you privately for your address.  The silly bands really are cute.  But my boys are done with them. :)


  1. My daughter is a big fan of these rubber bands. She is 10 years old.
    I would love to have a pack of the CF kinds to give her therefor: -I sign up as interested in inherit these CF bands from Bennett.

  2. Lol, we got two packages of those with our medicines too. Yay... CF Services. Lol. Azer gave the rose one to his Child Life Specialist at the hospital. (Shhh... I think he likes her haha). I would too if a pretty lady came in and brought me toys and things.

  3. I ordered those for my oldest daughters, they love them. :) I love the little goodies that come with the meds!

  4. If you're still looking for a home for a silly band or 2, I'd love to wear one to remind me of your precious family! If you have an extra, bring it to church on Sunday :)
    So good to see you and Oliver yesterday at Mountainview- what a surprise!!!
    Robin (Hogan)
    ps- couldn't figure out how to post as anything but "anonymous"


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