22 January 2011

Infectious Disease Doctor Appointment Set

We heard from the Infectious Disease Doctor at Cook Children's yesterday.  Unfortunately, we have to wait 3 weeks to get in! :(  In the meantime, the GI doctor has decided to put him back on Vancomycin.  So, we're getting ready for another round of antibiotics once we pick up the medication from the compound pharmacy on Monday.

Another change coming down the pipeline for Bennett is a change in formula.  A few months ago, I found an article online (there are some great ones at regarding C.Diff.   This medical study I found showed that two of the medications Bennett currently takes may actually be offering a sort of "fertile ground" for C.Diff. in his GI tract.  The first is a PPI (which, for him, is Prevacid) and the second is his elemental formula (Elecare).  This study suggested that stopping both medications might help the C.Diff. go away.

So far, the CF doctor has already given us the ok to take Bennett off his Prevacid/PPI, which we have done for the last week or two. And last week, I spoke with the GI Dietitian about changing Bennett off of his formula. 

Before we could switch Bennett off his current formula, we gave him an allergy test since, at one time, he indicated through his intolerance of his formula that he might be allergic to milk. We haven't heard yet about the test but we've decided to go forward with changing his formula nonetheless. 

So, a month's worth of Pediasure is on its way to our house and we will begin our process of weaning him from Elecare to Pediasure next week.  I hope we might solve this C.Diff. case before we even see the Infectious Disease doctor! 

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  1. Have you found that he is having reflux issues now that he is off the prevacid?


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