28 January 2011

Hospital Sponge Bath

After Bennett's Barium X-ray yesterday morning, Bennett needed a bath. Since he had an IV, I decided to give him a sponge bath. He loved this.

The nurse suggested that we cover Bennett's IV with a bag to keep it from getting wet.  (The little blueish green thing on Bennett's foot is an electronic monitoring piece that would warn the nurses if Bennett left the floor.  This is a safety mechanism that would prevent Bennett from being kidnapped.)

Before we began our bath, Bennett seemed concerned about his little arm in a bag.

But he quickly became more interested in the bucket of warm water sitting next to him. 

He loved splashing in it.

Compared to the rough time he had during his Barium X-ray, it was great to see smiles from Bennett.

Bennett tried to "wash" himself.

He did a pretty good job.  But mommy needed to finish the job.  After we were done, the nurse came in to recover the bed with new sheets.

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  1. Lol, cute! For me, it's harder when Azer has a PICC line, because it's difficult to cover way up there on the arm.


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