03 January 2011

Good Times at Nana's and Papa's

We are finally getting settled in at home after our return from our Christmas-time traveling.  But we certainly miss Nana and Papa.  We had such a wonderful time!  We were sad to leave.

But, like our trip began, our trip ended at the small Missouri airport.

Aunt Blair and Uncle David had to leave before we went to the airport.  They live a few states away.  We don't get to see them very often so the boys really loved spending time with Aunt "Bear" and Uncle "Day-bid".  (Poor Oliver caught a cold while we were in Missouri so his eyes were really swollen most of the week).

Our flight turned out to be delayed by two hours (which we didn't realize until we arrived to the airport and checked our bags in).  Nonetheless, since the boys were nicely settled at the airport, we decided to just play there until it was time to fly out.  Nana found a great way to entertain Oliver: give him pennies to throw into the fountain.

Oliver gets some Nana-love!

Papa enterained himself much of the time by playing cars...

...with the boys.

We love the way Bennett tilts his head and makes a pleasant little car sound as he "plays cars".  He always plays so seriously.

Papa was very good at coming up with games for the boys.

Nana walked with Bennett around the airport much of the time, especially during one of his tube feedings.  (When we walk with him, we have to be careful he doesn't get wrapped up in his cord.  It's not like walking a dog, you can't jerk the "leash" to make the baby go the other way.)

Papa gives kisses.

I love you too, Papa.

Thanks Nana and Papa for everything - including loving on our little rascals this week!
We love you!

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