12 January 2011

For those with snow...

No.  We didn't get snow.  Nothing white in Waco at all.  No flurries.  Not even an ice storm.  

However, for those of you in the United States who recently received snow, let me tell you about our glorious Spring-like day last week.  No, we didn't get snow...but we did get an opportunity to pretend it wasn't January!

This is a picture of our visit to Austin last week.  I was taking picture of Oliver being silly when I noticed the window advertisement behind him: "Warm Up With Some Hot Cocoa."  It was so ironic since there was no way we were interested in hot cocoa with 75 degree weather.  In fact, out of the frame of this picture to the left was a woman sitting on a bench eating an ice cream cone!!  I would have taken a picture of her, but I could tell she wouldn't have liked it.

In January, in Missouri and North Carolina, the fountains would be turned off to prevent the pipes from freezing.  But in Texas, they keep the water flowing all year long!

The boys loved watching the water run from the fountains. 

Bennett is clearly a Daddy's boy.  He has recently started crying when Daddy leaves to go to work school, even if I'm right there.  He loves holding hands (well, fingers, really) these days, too.  So, this picture of him holding his Daddy hands is a sweet picture.

Bennett has been released from Physical Therapy.  But we have been told to continue to encourage him to practice his motor skills.  Since we don't have stairs in our home for him with which to regularly practice, we are often finding stairs in other places for him to use.  It won't be long before he will be able to walk up stairs all by himself!  Our boy is getting so big!

We didn't receive snow, which was disappointing.  But how can we be too disappointed when we received such a gorgeous day to spend as a family! 


  1. Lol! Hilarious. Warm up with hot cocoa and somebody eating ice cream. It's cold in Dallas right now! It will be 50 by the end of the week again though. Yay!

    I have yet to take a road trip since the G-tube. I've been wanting so bad to drive down to either Austin or Galveston. Our kids come with so much extra stuff, it's like we're moving, ya know!

  2. Sometimes it seems like the doctors and dietitians don't really care. Like they just want to give a quick answer and be done with it. It gets tiring fighting and fighting to get what your kid needs.

    Yes, we do go to the Dallas Children's Medical Center. I love the team there. They can be supportive. They need more work in the GI department though.

  3. Yeah .. Here I am :)


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